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Write Better Item Descriptions

When you run an online shop, you of course need to add items to your shop. And part of adding items to your shop is writing product descriptions. Now while BlogShops offers several ways to describe your products, such as detail sections and bullet points, we're going to focus here on the main product description itself. This is the most detailed content that shoppers see when they visit an item page in your shop.

An item description can be a simple description of the item. But a good item description will also compel your prospective customers to buy it. The description should focus on all the features and benefits that make this item a good choice for the people who are most likely to be interested in the item. With that said, there a some key things to consider.

Try to picture the audience for an item. When you try to write for everyone, your descriptions become watered down. Focus on a composite representative shopper who is most likely to want to buy that particular item. Anticipate questions they may have and try to answer them. You can literally have a conversation with this shopper- even using words you think they would use. Really think about words that the person shopping for this item might appreciate. Should the tone be relaxed or formal? The goal is to speak to a shopper who would be interested in an item and show them how it might be right for them.

Talk about features but focus on benefits. Product features are a necessity in an item description. But while you may understand how all of the features of a product will be helpful to someone who buys it, the people reading about your item may not connect the dots so easily. You know your products and their features. You know how great the features are. Sell that in in your description. While describing how a candle has a pleasant scent, also talk about how the scent lifts your spirits and fills your house with a sense of calm. Maybe the candle smells like chocolate chip cookies and brings you back to a time when you made cookies with your mom. Drive that message home!

Stay away from common phrases. People tend to read past parts of an item description that sounds like every other item description ever written. If your item description sounds like you are lifting it from a item description textbook, chances are your shoppers will put little value on your words. Put some thought into your item description and don't fill it with clichés like \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"made only of the finest ingredients\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Instead, talk about what those ingredients are and why they are beneficial and different from other products on the market.

Back up your claims. If you say something about your item is amazing, then explain why. If you can't justify use of the word amazing, then consider using a different word. What makes the item amazing? Who thinks it is amazing. Don't hesitate to quote an actual person who called it amazing if that is the best thing you have to back up your claim.

Bring your item to life. Remember, when you're selling online, your shoppers can't actually examine a tangible item. They rely in large part on your description to bring the item to life. Help them experience the item by sharing your own experiences with it. How does it feel in your hand? Did someone you know use the item? How did it help them? Can you describe what it was like seeing them use it? Breathe life into your item through your own observations.

Choose words that delight the senses. Add another dimension to your item description by using adjectives that appeal to the senses. Consider all the senses that apply to your item: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. How does your item look? If it's a food item, how would you describe the taste? This is how Lindt Gormet Chocolates describes the taste of one of their items: distinctly smooth and rich, gourmet taste.

A lot goes into writing a good item description. Writing descriptions that make shoppers enthusiastic about buying and item really makes a difference when it comes to converting sales. Resist the temptation to write generic item descriptions and really think about all of the considerations mentioned in this article.


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