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Getting Started with Blogging

Many online businesses have a blog. The reason they have one may seem obvious, and in reality it is: A blog is a great way to build an audience and engage visitors through compelling content. But while most people don't really think about why a business has a blog, the blog is often what brought them to the business in the first place or convinced them to make a transaction. And a good blog can keep people coming back all by itself.

You probably already know what a blog is. It likely hasn't escaped your attention that you're reading one right now. The idea behind a blog is that it is a \\\\"web log\\\\", a more personal approach to content than articles you see published on the web. A blog forms a stronger connection with your audience and comes from your voice (or in this case, my voice).

There are many reasons for starting a blog, such as sharing opinions and passions, teaching people what you know, or building a customer list. You may start a blog to sell products or services, or to provide a glimpse into your life. In fact, you could start a blog for any number of reasons or a combination of reasons. But no matter why you start one, it is extremely gratifying when you realize one day that you have an audience. But before that day comes, you do have to commit to publishing content consistently, in a consistent voice, and of a consistent quality.

Here are some things to consider before getting started with blogging:

  1. Think hard about the opportunities to monetize your blog. While you may have no intention of making money from it right away, you'll want to consider how you might monetize your blog in the long run even if there is only a small chance that you may want to. BlogShops is specifically designed to allow you to monetize your blog, so you can take advantage of your built-in shop and blog integration within the platform right from the beginning.

  2. Set a schedule. You want to be sure to publish with consistency but also be mindful of how frequently you can realistically publish while still producing quality content.

  3. Target an audience. Think about who you want to reach. It's difficult to stand out with all of the content on the internet, so give some thought to a niche to target, the voice you write in, and the depth and quality of your posts. Make your content stand out!

Once you start creating content, you'll want to promote it. A brief summary of the post and link from your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media pages is a great way to start. Consider also re-posting the content on a platform like Tumlr, with a link at the top to the original article. Use Google Analytics to see what kind of traffic you're getting and where it's coming from. Target those sources and keywords. Finally, guest posts help draw in users from other blogs as they are often shared with the author's own readers. On BlogShops, the goal is to bring people into your blog and shop.


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