BlogShops Features

Take a closer look at the features that make BlogShops the perfect way to expand your brand's reach or sell online for the first time.

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Free to Sign Up.

It is 100% free to sign up for BlogShops and there are absolutely no annual, monthly, or other kinds of recurring fees. If you make a sale, you pay a small 5% transaction fee. If you don't make a sale, you don't pay anything. We keep it simple — no sales, no fees!

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Easy-to-use Markdown Editor.

Spend more time blogging and less time formatting with the built-in Simple MDE markdown editor. It takes the effort out of formatting blog posts. Don't know markdown? Don't worry, you don't have to - there's a simple toolbar with all of the commands.

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Support for PayPal and Stripe.

BlogShops works with PayPal and Stripe payment providers. When you make a sale, you'll be paid instantly to your PayPal or Stripe account when you ship. Don't have a PayPal or Stripe account? That's okay, you can set one up in less than five minutes through the admin interface.

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No hosting required. 100% managed everything.

When you use a service like WooCommerce, you have to take care of hosting your site. With BlogShops, you're part of our community of sellers - you don't have to worry about hosting, compliance, or any number of other IT headaches waiting to happen.

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100% Responsive, Customizable Themes.

Choose a 100% responsive theme and go with it. Or if code doesn't scare you, get your hands dirty with the theme's CSS and HTML templates. BlogShops themes use the Dwoo templating engine to give you access to variables and logical controls. Basically you have as much or as little power as you want over your blog's look and feel.

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Create Coupon Codes.

Coupon codes are a great way to help people find your shop. Of course, they can also help encourage sales conversions — everyone likes to save money. Creating and managing coupon codes for percent off, amount off, or free shipping is a snap in BlogShops.

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Support for Configurable Items.

BlogShops supports configurable items, which are items with options. For example, create one item for a t-shirt, but offer it in three different sizes, in two different colors - and at different price points. One item with many variations.

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Custom Shipping & Tax Tables.

You can go with flat-rate shipping on the item or order level, or you can create your own shipping rates for every state. You can even assign a shipping surcharge on specific items if they fall outside of your normal shipping policy. If you need to collect sales tax, set up your own tax table. BlogShops has you covered.

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Embed YouTube Videos.

Turn your BlogShops blog into a video blog by embedding YouTube videos. Create video sales presentations to help close sales and bring new dimensions to your products. Blogshops is also Vlogshops!

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Smooth Checkout Process.

Don't lose sales in checkout. With support for PayPal and Stripe, BlogShops makes it easy to accept credit card payments on site during checkout and also through PayPal. The best of both worlds. A clean, easy checkout process coupled with the checkout as guest option prevents order abandonment.

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Widgets to sell anywhere.

Any item you create on BlogShops can be sold on any website or blog. Simply embed the widget code and add to cart buttons appear. Widgets also support configurable items. Sell anywhere and checkout and manage your sales on BlogShops.

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Built in Communication.

Reach out to customers and know when they reach out to you through your built-in message box. It's a quick and easy way to communicate and keep all of your interactions in one place.

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Settings galore.

BlogShops is packed with configuration options for both your blog and shop. Decide how many posts per page to show, whether you want to use a shopping cart of a shopping bag, and where to abbreviate summary posts. We're always working on new configuration options and features.

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The goal behind BlogShops is to create a community of sellers who are looking to interact with customers and other sellers on a more personal level than exists in other marketplaces. We will be working on the tools to help link sellers and customers and appreciate your feedback along the way.