Some of the great features in BlogShops.

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These are just some of the key features you'll find in BlogShops. We're working all the time to add more features and improve old ones.


Configurable items.

Create up to two levels of options for items and customize prices and inventory for each option combination. For example, if you're selling hats, you can create options for size and color - and sell at different prices for large/navy and small/navy. You can even save and load pricing tables for easy editing of other items. Plus, tag an image to an option group.


Bullet editor.

Quickly add bullet points to items with the bullet editor. Bullet points highlight item features. With the bullet editor, we've made it really easy to create, order, and manage them.


Related items.

Choose related items you want to see show up on item pages for easy cross-selling. If you're selling pants, why not show a belt on the item page to go with them?


Similar items.

If you don't select related items, the platform will automatically populate similar items. Of course, with full control of your site's templates, you decide if you want to show them or not.


Sale items.

Flag items that are on sale. Items flagged on sale have their own view within your shop.



Flag items and posts that you want to feature. Featured items have their own view within your shop and may appear in slideshows.


Instant slides.

Turn items or posts into slides with a single click. You can even control slide sequence and text to overlay.



Create categories and subcategories for your items and blog posts. Item and post categories are separate, so you can manage them independently.


Detail sections.

Add detail sections for any item. Detail sections allow you to separate out information that doesn't really belong in the item description. If you're selling a food item, you might create one detail section for ingredients and a second for allergy information.



Create coupon codes for your shop. You can set up coupons for free shipping, dollar amount off, or percentage off. Set expiration dates and minimum order amount.


Attach items.

Bring your blog readers into your shop by attaching items to your blog posts. Items you attach will be showcased at the end of the post.



Add information pages to your site just as easily as you would add a blog post. Pages are great for things like shipping policy, about us, refund policy, etc.


Image gallery.

Easily upload images to your image gallery and assign them to items or cover images with just a click.


Shipping & Taxes.

Create your shop's shipping rate policy based on custom shipping tables, flat rate per-order, or flat rate per-item. Assign shipping surcharges on the item level for item's that don't fit your policy. Create your own tax table settings.


Markdown editor.

The markdown editor in BlogShops makes writing and editing posts a breeze. The WYSIWYG-like editor allows users who may be less experienced with Markdown to use familiar toolbar buttons and shortcuts.



Assign author name, profile image, and bio for each post. Set a default author and the author information will load automatically (which is great if you don't change authors often).



With widgets, you can easily sell items you create on any site you own. Customers complete the checkout process through BlogShops.



Payments are sent instantly to your PayPal or Stripe account when you ship an order. BlogShops also allows you to cancel and refund orders.



Edit HTML templates and your theme stylesheet to make your site look they way you want it to. Plus, use logical operators and variables in the template language for even greater control.

Template Language

There are many variables available to you within the built-in template language. Combine them with logical operators and enjoy the power to really theme your shop!

// Output item bullet points

{foreach $item.arrBullets key_bullets bullets}
{* Display HTML *}