About BlogShops

Just launched in 2018, BlogShops is an ecommerce platform that allows you to run a shop and a blog in perfect harmony. Your blog helps draw customers into your shop, and you can even attach related items to the end of your posts to direct shoppers to specific items. Whether you sell crafts, fashion, technology, food, or something else - BlogShops is a great way to sell, either as your primary or secondary sales channel.

BlogShops is a labor of love, being developed with its users in mind. We've tried to create a platform that is easy-to-use and flexible - plus one that creates a more personal and fun selling and buying experience. And we're continuing to improve it all the time. We also have an eye toward building a community of users that feels like a community. We're just getting started and appreciate your feedback and support. Please let us know what suggestions you have, because we really do listen!

“BlogShops is a labor of love, developed with its users in mind.”

BlogShops works with PayPal and Stripe payment providers. It's completely free to open your shop - we only deduct a small percentage of each sale you make. Please join our community today!