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Introducing BlogShops

The BlogShops ecommerce platform is the easiest (and most personal and fun) way to sell online, combining blogging and ecommerce seamlessly. Let your items really shine — through your own rich, detailed blog posts. It's customizable, full of sophisticated shop features, and even works with PayPal and Google Analytics. Plus it's completely free to start your blog and takes seconds to be running!

Turn your audience
into customers.

Increase sales reach & loyaly

Inform people about your items in a whole new way. Convert your audience into customers or your customers into a loyal audience. BlogShops is building a community of sellers and buyers. Whether it's just another channel to sell through or its your primary means of selling, BlogShops has you covered with sophisticated ecommerce and blogging features.

BlogShops uses a template engine and theme system to give you full access to CSS and template and HTML code.


Powerful shop features.

Explore Features
Endless Possibilities

Blog and Keep Shop

Completely free to sign up.

At a Glance


Markdown Editor

Spend more time creating content using simple markdown.


Easily upload and manage images through your image gallery.


Organize your content with tags and categories.


Embed a YouTube video to add another dimension to your items.

At a Glance


Configurable Items

Easily create items with options.

Custom Tables

Create global pricing tables, your own shipping tables, and more.


Make and manage coupon codes.


Quick checkout process with guest checkout to encourage conversions.

At a Glance


Theme and Template

Pick a theme and go or access template HTML, stylesheets, variables, and logical controls for complete control.

Settings Galore

Does your shop use a shopping cart or a shopping bag? One of many things you decide.

All Features
Free to Use

Pay only a small percentage of each sale you make. No sales, no fees.

Support for PayPal and Stripe payment processors.

Effortless Blogging

Simple markdown editor lets you keep the focus on writing.

Flexible Options

Packed with blog & shop options give you control and freedom.

Clean Themes

100% responsive themes that can be customized.

Instant Payouts

Get paid instantly to your PayPal or Stripe account when you ship an order.

Sell Anywhere

Use widgets to sell your items on any blog.

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Monthly Price


$29 - $299

varies by hosting, add-on extensions, SSL, etc.
Credit Card and Transaction Fees
Credit Card Rates 2.9% + 30¢ 2.4% -2.9% + 30¢ varies by gateway
Transaction Fees 0% 0% - 2% not applicable
Hosting $0 $0 Extra
SSL $0 $0 Extra
File Storage unlimited unlimited varies by hosting plan
Number of Products unlimited unlimited unlimited
Coupon Codes yes yes yes

Comparison to Shopify and WooCommerce based on data on their websites. Data is subject to change.

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